J. Fijn Techniek BV is een gecertificeerd onderhoudsbedrijf dat voor al het rijdend spoorweg materieel flexibele service kan aanbieden vanuit verschillende werkplaatsen in Nederland, Belgium and Germany. In addition, J.. Fine BV cell 24/7 service for acute disturbances.


20141128_120259By combining advanced digital technique with years of experience, many failures can be solved from a helpdesk. In cases where this does not work, J. Fijn Techniek BV managed to get enough knowledge to solve the problem on the spot. This knowledge includes that the mechanic engineer directly with applicable tools and devices.

J. Fine BV has a horizontal business structure and therefore high efficiency through direct communication and short lines.




J. Fijn Techniek BV has a simple aim and that is to keep your stock rolling!







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